Questions for chapters
1. Shortly tell us about what happened in these chapters in your own words.

Chapter 9

     Edmund left the beavers house when the children planned how to meet Aslan. He all time think about Turkish Delight and what he will change in Narnia when he become the king. Edmund walked long time till he saw the White Witch castle. Boy went into the castle, but saw a lion. It scared the boy and he hide. After the long time Edmund came closer to the lion because it don’t move. Edmund saw a lion statue. He remembered as beaver said that the White Witch can make the statues of everything. When he saw a Witch garden where were a lot of statues. Edmund went into the castle but saw a wolf who said ”Who is here?”. Then Edmund said “I am Edmund and I come to meet with the White Witch”. Edmund met the Witch and told her everything he have heard about Aslan. Then the Witch heard it, she ordered that the wolf prepared sledge.

Chapter 10

     Mr and Mrs Beaver started picking sacks with food. Then Mr Beaver escorted the children a safe path to the stone table. They went in single file – first Mr Beaver, then Lucy, then Peter, then Mrs Beaver. But they went and the sack what Lucy was carrying felt heavier and heavier. Mr Beaver turned away from river – bank. He led the children to the hiding place and said “You all can sleep there a few hours before we go ahead “. One hour later the children woke up but didn’t see a Mr Beaver. They heard a sound of jingling bells. Everybody scared because they thought that arrived the White Witch. Children heard a voice of Mr Beaver: “Come on! It is safe! ”. Children went out and saw Father Christmas. Father Christmas gave to Mr Beaver better sewing machine than he had and had left it in his house. Peter got a shield and a sword. The shield was the colour of silver and across it there ramped a red lion, and the sword was made from gold. Susan got a bow and a quiver full of arrows and a little ivory horn. Lucy got a little bottle of what looked like glass but it was made from diamond and a small dagger. In the bottle was the juice of fireflowers what can restore somebody life. And finally, Father Christmas gave to them all a large tray containing five cups and saucers, a bowl of lump sugar, a jug of cream, and a great big teapot all sizzling and piping hot.

2. How did the author surprised you? 

     Author surprised me, because everything went wrong, but suddenly it became at well.

If you would could create a short video, what scene would you choose to make, why?

     I think, I choose a scene in which Edmund saw the lion and long time scared afraid to access the lion. And when he came to the lion he saw not a lion but the lion statue… I think it’s a very funny moment.

3. What 5 words (from each chapter) would you consider as important/ worth learning? (you may consider learning those 10 words for an extra plus).

     5 words from chapter 9:


Describe the part of clothes
Žiaurus, negailestingas
Characteristic of  man
Small man
When your talk is broken
Drebėjimas, jaudinimasis
When you is scary or don’t know what to say.

     5 words from chapter10:


When are hot and you don’t have an air
Good visible
Similar to the sword
Stick with string
A piece of  something

Chapter 11

1. Shortly tell us about what happened in this chapter in your own words. 

Dwarf has announced that the sled ready. Then the Witch requested that dwarf would bring food and drinks. A small man gave Edmunds an iron bowl with some water in it and an iron plate with a hunk of dry bread on it. While Edmund ate bread, the Witch ordered him to go with her. After retiring from the castle, the Witch commanded the wolf to go to the house of beavers and kill whatever it finds here. So the wolf went to the beaver’s house, the Witch and Edmund drove out under the archway and on and away into the darkness and the cold. Edmund had no coat and him was very cold.

The next morning Edmund heard the voice of Witch: What have we here? Stop!

Edmund thought that she was going to say about breakfast time, but the Witch shouted when she saw a merry party in her forest. A squirrel and his wife with their children and two satyrs and a dwarf and an old dogfox, all on stools round a table.

“What is the meaning of this?” asked the White Witch “Who gave them to you?”

“Father Christmas”, stammered Fox.

“What?” roared the Witch. “He has not been here!”

But at the moment young squirrels shouted:

“He has - he has - he has!”

When the White Witch heard what said squirrels, she took her wand and instantly where the merry party had been there were only statues.

“That's what happened to the traitors.”

When Edmund, the White Which and dwarf drove away to the Stone Table, Edmund first time felt sorry for someone besides himself. Some time later the reindeer tired and the sledge drove slower and slower while they stopped. Around there was some grass and mud. Then the White Witch said to cut the harness of the reindeer because they will find their own way home. She ordered the dwarf taken the whip. Few minutes later everything what said the Witch was done. They went to Stone Table. Every minute snow has been less and less. Everything started grow and sky became bluer and bluer. Then dwarf told:

“This is no thaw, this is Spring. What are we to do? Your winter has been destroyed, I tell you! This is Aslan doing.”

“If either of your mention that name again,” said the Witch, he shall instantly be killed.

2. Imagine you are Edmund in CHAPTER 11 -- how do you feel when you see all the changes in nature? Are you afraid of Aslan? Why/why not? How do you react to the White Witch's behaviour? 

                If I would become the Edmund, I feel very good, because finally came the spring and the weather gets warmer and warmer. I would be afraid of Aslan, because he destroyed the White Witch Winter. Probably he is very strong. I would be worry to the White Witch's behaviour because she is very angry.

3. What 5 words (from this chapter) would you consider as important/ worth learning? PLEASE LEARN THOSE 5 WORDS. 

5 words from chapter 11:

Very big
When you eat to much

Chapter 12

1. Give a short summary of the chapter 12 in your own words (no less than 180 words).

Miles away from dwarf and White Witch Mr Beaver and children walking hour after hour into what seemed a delicious dream. Children had even stopped saying to one another “What was that lovely smell” or “Just listen to that thrush”. Sun shine into green thickets and into wide mossy glades.
                      They had left the course of the big river some time ago; or one had to turn a little to the right to reach the place of Stone Table. Even this way was wrong  they couldn’t have kept to the river valley once the thaw began, for with all that melting snow the river was soon in flood – a beautiful, thundering yellow flood – and their path would have been under water.
                      They were on a green open space where was something twinkling and moving.
- “By gum shouted Peter to Susan – “the sea!”.
In the middle of this open hill-top was the Stone Table. It was a great grim stab of grey stone supported on four upright stones. It looked very old and strange because where was cut lines and figures that might be the letters of an unknown language. Then children  saw a pavilion pitched on one side of the open place. They saw what they come here to see.
                      There stood Aslan in the centre of a crowd of creatures who had grouped round him. There were Tree-Women there and Well-Women who had stringed instruments; it was they who had made the music and there were four centaurs. Then Mr Beaver and children saw a lion they didn’t know what to do or what say:
-        “ Go on,” said Mr Beaver.
-        “ No. You first” whispered Peter.
-        “No, Sons of Adam before animals,” whispered Mr Beaver.
-        “Susan,” whispered Peter again, “Ladies first.”
-        “No, you are older than me,” Said Susan.
Then Peter drew his sword, raised it to salute and hastily saying to the others:
-        “Come on together.”
-        “We have come Aslan,” Said Peter then they all come to him.
-        “Welcome, Peter, Susan, Lucy, Mr and Mrs Beavers, but where is four?
-        “ He has betray us and join to the White Witch. That was partly my fault, I was angry with him.
Aslan forgiven Peter.
-        “Aslan please help my brother Edmund,” said Lucy.
-        “I will try help him, meanwhile, let the feast be prepared. Ladies, take these Daughters of Eve to the pavilion minister to them.
When the girls had gone Aslan laid his pawn and said:
-        “Come, Peter I will show you a far-off sight of the castle where you are to be King.
Then they come to castle inside Aslan said:
-        “That, O man is Cair Paravel of four thrones, in one of which you must sit as King. I show you it because you are first-born and you will be High King over all the rest.
Peter said nothing, bus some time later they heard Susan horn and they understand as they must go back. First Peter saw Susan make a dash for a tree, then he saw huge grey beast. Peter think here is bear, then he saw its like like a Alsatian, thought it was too big to be a dog. Then he realized as here is wolf. Peter rushed straight up to the monster  and aimed a slash of his sword at its side. That stroke never reached the wolf. Quick as lighting it turned around, its eyes flaming, and its mouth wide open in a howl of anger. Peter hit the wolf and wolf rather. Peter didn’t understand what happened. Some time later he saw as wolf lay. Than became Susan and they felt pretty shaky.
-        Quick! Quick! Shouted Aslan – “I saw another wolf in the thickets.
They all run to the wolf. Peter, still out of breath, turned and saw Aslan close at hand.
-        “Hand it to me and kneel, Son of Adam,” said Aslan. And when Peter had done so he struck him with the flat of the blade and said:
“Rise up, Sir Peter Wolf-Bene. And, whatever happens, never forget to wipe your sword.”

2. Question:
Children have been in Narnia for quite a while now.

Do you think they already feel and act as if they belong there? What  arguments would you give as evidence of this?

I think as yes, because they are in Narnia some time and through time they saw and felt very much. Children familiarize with Aslan, Mr and Mrs Beavers, Father of Christmas who helped them. So Children understand what they must to do and they do it till now.




When sun fall down
When you something fast took
Šluostymas, valymas
Large piece of something

Chapter 13: Deep Magic from the Dawn of Time

1. Write the summary

Chaper 13

Edmund had been made to walk further than he had ever know that anybody could walk, the Witch al least stopped in a dark valley all overshadowed with fir trees and yew trees. Edmund sank down and he did not caring what was going to happen next because they would let him lie still. Edmund was very tired, hungry and thirsty. Which and the dwarf were talking close beside him in low tones.

“We must reach the Stone Table now” – said the dwarf.

“Maybe wolf bring us news” – said the Witch.
“Queen we must safe Edmund for bargaining” – said the dwarf.
“Yes you said true, and we bargaining at the Stone Table because it was proper place before” – said the Witch.
Then they talking become wolf and rushed to them:
“I have seen them. They all are at the Stone Table and they killed my captain. I hide in the thickets and I saw everything.
Then the Queen ordered to summon everyone who is in her side and prepared to the war.
“I have a little thing to finish here you are away” - said Queen.
Edmund found himself being roughly forced his feet. Then the dwarf set him with his back against a tree and bound him fast. He saw the Witch take off her outer mantle. He saw her white arms, but no more because was dark. Then Edmund heard strange noise. At first he did not understand what it was. Later he realized that was a knife sound.
Later boy saw stump and boulder. It looks like very strange at the grey moonlight, but it was simply the Witch and the dwarf.
When the other children woke up next morning the first they heard Mrs Beaver – was that their brother is rescued and bought into camp last late night and now he with Aslan. Kids heard news went near Aslan and Edmund. They chatted about something but kids unheard that they saying. Children come near the Edmund and meet him. Aslan told:
“Do not talk about past.”
Then Edmund said:
“I am sorry.”
Everyone said:
“That is all right.”
Some time later at Aslan rushed the leopard and said as messenger from the enemy who caves audience. Aslan let him approach.
 There was a dwarf. Dwarf told as Witch want to meet Aslan and speak with him. Aslan agreed, but said to the dwarf as he tell her as she left her wand behind her at the great oak.
Few minutes later the Witch herself walked out on to the top of the hill and came straight across and stood before Aslan.
The Witch looked Aslan exactly his eyes and said:
“You have traitor here, Aslan and everyone know who is he – Edmund. Edmund think that Aslan said morning and he looked at Aslan. It did not seem to matter what the Witch said.
Then Aslan said everybody to leave he and Witch alone. All obeyed. Was terrible time wait while Witch and Aslan tell. Nobody did not hear about what they told.
Some time later Aslan said:
“You can all come back. Whitch has renounced the claim of your brothers blood. All over the hill had been holding their breath and now begun breathing again. Then Witch told:
“But how do I know this promise will be kept?”
“Haaa-aa-arrrhh!!!” – roared Aslan, half rising from this throne: and his great mounth opened wider and wider and the roar grew louder and louder, and the: Witch, after staring for a moment with her lips wide apart, picked up her skirts and fairly ran for her life.

2. Answer these questions
a) Why did Aslan's creatures, that came to save Edmund, could not find the Witch?
b) What do you think Aslan told Edmund?
c) What was the Stone Table used for by the Witch?

                     a.) Because the prophecy must happened.

b.) Maybe Aslan told Edmund as he will deal with Witch as she leave him.

                     c.) It was before negotiating table in Narnia so Witch remembered about that table.

3. Choose five words, translate them and explain them.

                     Five words from chapter 13.

Then you buy something and please the seller smaller price.
Scared something.
Small house with no windows and made from waterproof stuff.
Then you nickname someone somebody.
Quite talk.


  1. Simas, why you write: 5 words from chapter 9 twice? :D

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